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Illumination Sessions are energy sessions to remove energy from the body that doesn't belong. Negative or heavy energy serve as obstacles to our growth. By removing enegy we restore essential life force to our system. Sessions include breath work and the use of stones and serve to restore balance, ease transition and reduce stress. There is a part of this work that is a departure from the literal 'thinking' mind, and a journey to the realm of the heart .


Energy Healing sessions are best done in peaceful environments either on the floor or on a massage table. During an Illumination Session special stones are used during the session to remove negative energy. Some common tools used for energy healing are rattles, feathers and sage but each wellness coach has their own gifts and traditions. The gest of the journey isn't to fill your mind with more facts, but to turn the matter over the the Heart...where so many answers await discovery.









Themes of empowerment and healing life's scars drive my mission to create awareness through energetic healing. What I offer is influenced by the wellness research I have done for the past eight years. In my approach to wellness there is plenty of focus on the Power of Creation, Sacred Dialogue, Expression and honoring all parts of the healing process.

















Wellness sessions, serenity events and sacred storytelling workshops are an engaging way to inspire change and collective healing for individuals and small groups. With the focus on universal meaning that connect us all, group events are a great way to learn, celebrate and commune. 


Wellness sessions and serenity events available upon request.  To request a session please click here.


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