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I have researched varied modalities of overall wellness for the passed decade, all of which speak to a universal language of reverence for nature, sacred communication and overall wellbeing.  I am an intuitive coach highly influenced by the Q'ero traditions, Reiki and transformational interpersonal work. The Q-ero are decedents of the Mayan and Inca tribes of South America. Before written word this indigenous culture cultivated a blend of physics, science and spirituality as a way of life through ceremony, tradition and healing practices.  Additional modalities of personal empowerment work that support a healthy work/life balance can be explored through online programs and courses I offer.  I operate with a deep understanding of dream work, breath work, mindful awareness and sub-personality work all inspire heartfelt progress on a soul level.  


An avid storytelling enthusiast, I have been published as an author in My Angel Diary 2014 (Hay House UK), Ohm Times, Urban Oracle, NYC Pulse and Complete Balance.




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